Connecting to network loudspeakers

I have searched long and hard to find a method of connecting Volumio to a pair of KEF LSX loudspeakers. The preferred input is via ethernet and I cannot connect to it. I’ve tried a USB to Optical SPDIF converter [top quality] but the sound is distinctly degraded. ROON can do this output system, why not Volumio?

Can anyone help or suggest a way to do this?

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Yes, please and agree. I would love to buy those same KEFs but given non analogue input I have had to decline. I would love to hear a solution as well but unsure here is one.

Set up a friend with Volumio on a Pi4 with the JustBoom Digi HAT, connected to KEF LSX with toslink. Also tried an analog connection via a HiFiBerry Dac and the 3.5 mm KEF input. For what it’s worth we could not hear a difference.

Streaming via wifi to KEF or Sonos speakers would be a great option.

WiFi wouldn’t be a great option for sound quality. The KEF wireless receiver is hopeless.

I use a fanless PC to run my server and tried the KEFs with a top quality USB to optical link but it’s distinctly lacking when compared to ROON connected direct with ethernet. I do not think that Volumio and ROON are likely to be much different in transfer quality into the DAC so the blame has to lie with the USB/Optical converter, or with the fact that optical isn’t a good way to transfer digital audio,

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