Connecting to Arylic Up2Stream Amp 2.1 using SPDIF

Hello Volumio Community,
I want to connect my Raspberry/Volumio player to an Up2Stream Amp 2.1 using SPDIF. The Raspi is equipped with a HiFiBerry Digi B+ and using its cinch output I can very well connect to my PC’s SPDIF sound card. Unfortunately, the Arylic Amp however remains quiet - no signal. I wonder if this might be a matter of the SPDIF settings (sample rate, sync, etc.). I can’t change anything for the Amp’s SPDIF input but maybe the HiFiBerry’s output can be configured somehow?
Any help/ hint would be very much appreciated.
Thanks and kind regards, Markus

your using the s/pdif input board?

Hi Wheaten, no. Just connected the 2 wires to the SPIF an GND pins on the Amp. Is the board mandatory?

Difficult to say, but the expansion board also contains a toslink. So I expect there are some components on this board: And the website doesn’t give much info.


Yes, it’s difficult tu judge. I thought the components are needed to convert the electrical SPDIF signal to an optical signal. Bur who knows? According to the Arylic support it might work without this board but I have the feeling they are not 100% sure. So maybe I’ll give it a try…

Indeed. And to be honest there are to much connectors on the expansion board for only 4 wires, needed for s/pdif (gnd-Input,gnd-Output)

Did you find a solution?

Hello, for the sprig, you have to check if you go out in coax and come in coax or go out in optics and come in optics. Otherwise you need a converter to switch from one to the other.
Otherwise you can use the program ACP workbench to change pin settings.
Please give a feedback :wink: