Connecting to a NAS via the Internet

Hi everybody!
How can I connect to remote storage with Volumio to play music from it?
An FTP server is running on the NAS and can be accessed remotely, but in Volumio you cannot create an FTP connection, only CIFS and NFS.
I also thought that since a VPN server is also running on the NAS, it might be possible to connect through it, but I don’t know if Volumio knows how to connect to the VPN server.

Does anyone have an idea how I can use Volumio to connect to the NAS via the internet?


FTP vs NFS/CIFS is a world of differences.
FTP is a transferring protocol (LAN/WAN), while NFS/CIFS is a sharing protocol over LAN.

So in your case there is no easy solution, unless you find a way to mount the NAS to your remote device

Yes, I am looking for a solution to this.
How can I connect to the remote NAS…

never done it, but you can take a look at CurlFtpFS.

I know curlftpfs. I just don’t know how to add it to Volumio, I’m not a linux expert…

It’s a very uncommon way to mount a FTP server. Besides security issues, FTP was never intended to be used this way. I even doubt if it will work
I expect it’s something like this, but it’s for you to investigate…

mkdir /mnt/ftp
curlftpfs <address of FTP Server> /mnt/ftp/ -o user=username:password

It’s just a pointer to a solution, but I will not sort this out, due to the reasons mentioned above.

Thanks, I found the solution in the meantime.
I put curftpfs in FSAB and it works fine.
Connect with FTP, because there is no other way.

Then please make a note of what you did for yourself. It might be gone during an update or OTA can fail.