Connecting Phone Via USB

I would like to play music on my phone through my rasbpi volumio system, but volumio doesent show the phone in the same way it views a usb drive. Is there any way I can reconise it?

use Upnp or Airplay to play music wireless to your volumio.

Your Smartphone and your Raspberry must be in the same network!

Install a App you like and start streaming your Music to your volumio

This will depend in large part on what your phone OS & version is. From android KitKat there is no longer a seprate user data partition so getting anything to recognise the partition space is a mission. Even in earlier android versions the data space was hard to get recognised even if you had the drivers. Iphone data space recognition is equally as hard to get at.
In general you need the phone sync software & USB drivers in the host machine, and the correct drivers for the host in the phone itself.