Connecting Analog Source to Volumio on RPi 2?


I have setup one RPi B+ with a HifiBerry DAC+ to an old Sansui Amplifier and I am loving it. Thanks for the great distro.

Now I have another project I am working on. I want to create a all inclusive RPi 2 based system with a Hifi Berry AMP+ (a board that allows has a DAC that will drive a speaker level signal to a pair of speakers). I would love to find a way to get Analog audio into the RPi and then be able to choose that source on Volumio. My TV is much too old for DNLA or Airplay.

Does anyone have any ideas? I assume I could set up Alsa outside of the volumio web interface, but I would ideally like to avoid SSH into the RPi everytime I need to choose the analog source.

Any Ideas?

A way of doing this would be to add a source selector after the RPI : you choose if the signal send to your amp is from the dac or a other source.
I did some work on a similar project, not finished yet… :wink: have a look here :

I do not think that will work because the AMP+ board integrates an DAC and Amplifier on the RPi. I need an input analog input into the Volumio interface, ideally accessible from the Web Gui. The only thing out of the RPi is a speaker level signal.

Seems I should have read the blog first. Volumio 2 is about to drop (hopefully within the month) so I will wait and see what awesomeness that brings.