Connect Volumio to your PC via USB

Hi, is it possible to connect Volumio (RPI+DAC) directly to the PC via a cable (type A to type A)? otherwise you can use Volumio as a normal USB DAC via PC ?

PS: I know you can use it via SPDIF port and USB to coaxial adapter but I don’t like this solution because I would lose sound quality.

my system:
-Allo Kali


Can you explain better what’s your goal?
RPi + volumio is a streamer
You also have a DAC connected to the RPI

What will the PC do?

It seems to me to have been very clear and detailed, my purpose is to use an rpi+ dac with Volumio installed as a classic USB DAC via PC. In two words I want to play the audio source of my PC on (rpi+dac+Volumio) via USB cable.

I think you are making it more complicated than it is.

To use the PC as a source, you just need a DAC, and from a quick search, it seams that your model accepts both I2S and SPDIF connections. So if your PC has a SPIF output, you can use that, but the Pi will be out of the circuit.

If you want to play local files from the PC drive, the best way is to create a network share so that Volumio can access it over the network and play them trought the DAC. Or “send” the files from the PC to the Pi+Volumio, also trough the network.

As far as I know, it’s not possible to connect a PC to a Pi+Volumio the way you want. And it’s really not needed.

Thank you very much for this complete and exhaustive answer! I already knew the options you listed to connect Volumo to the PC … I was hoping there was a way to use Volumio as a classic DAC, but apparently it has not been implemented yet or it is not possible.

Thank you very much.