Connect Volumio to Spotify with google account

Hi all!
I’m trying Volumio on an USB pen drive, flashed with Volumio for Windows.

I’ve installed the Spotify plugin “Volumio Spotify connect2”, but I can’t understand what credentials I’ve to use to connect it.

I have a premium Spotify account and I use it with my google account.

Any suggestions?


You need to register your installation with Volumio. (Volumio account)

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You don’t need to use credentials by default. Authentification is done by the official Spotify you use to play.

Thanks for your answers!

I’ve registered my Volumio’s account and also connected to it.

I also tryed to select, for the plugin, the option “Multi user device”, and from my phone I can see Volumio, but when I select it to play music from Volumio, after some seconds of waiting the app continues to play music from the phone.

I don’t understand where I’m wrong.

Sorry, anybody has any ideas to solve my problem?

Please send your log. Issue is probably due to a volume mixer problem. Try to change it to ‘none’ or ‘softvolume’ in volumio playback settings. Then disable and enable the plugin…

Thanks for your answer balbuze!

Now I’ve not possibility to try, I will try tomorrow!!

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I’ve tryed but nothing has changed: Spotify plugin doesn’t work… :pensive:

Where is the log file located?

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Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

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Hi chsims1!

Yes, but please explain to me where can I find the log file :sweat_smile:

You have to follow the instructions on the link Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation

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Thanks for your answer!

I think the problem is greater:

  • Volumio can’t recognize the wifi card, so I’ve to use ethernet cable
  • When I click on help or on shop, i can’t exit from the browser because I can’t see the superior bar and the URL, and so I can’t follow the help instructions). Maybe a problem with the video card, i see everything too big, it seem’s that windows are greater than monitor
  • There’s also the Spotify issue

Too much issues

I’m using an old pen drive, and maybe and old notebook with maybe old hardware (7 years only, win10, but no more supported by hp)

Next days I will try with a better pen drive and a more recent notebook.

I will give you a feedback!

Re-installed Volumio for X86 in to usb pen drive,everything is ok!