Connect volumio RPI3+HIFI DAC+ to network drive on win 10

i installed volumio on my RPI3+HIFI DIGI+ and its working well and
I can access to web radios and its working fine
The problem is to connect to network drive volumio to my music files (through my local wired network) that stored in local computer windows 10.
In other device xiaomi box i can get to those files in the same hard drive by using path smb/shar-pc/e
my local computer path on the network is
Volumio address
my setting are :
alias: my music
nas ip address:
path: shar-pc/e
file share type: cifs
and i add my username and password too

please advice why can not connect to network drive

So if no one can help i guess its not possible that is very strange
so sadly without reaching to media library volumio is waste of time for me !

Connecting to windows10 shares is quite painful, as we observed lot of variability in results (we discourage to do that for that reason).
I would suggest checking the Shared folder permissions and enable guest access on Win10

thanks but already did that and i have no issue to share with xiaomi box (kodi) through samba to the same media HDD