Connect Play and Share Local HDD, SSD Music source (x86-64)

You have a PC with SSD, you can install Volumio on SSD. This guidle for using the free hard drive space after installing volumio on ssd.

  1. Install Volumio from USB to Local HDD,SSD.
  2. Download gparted live and burn to usb live (GParted -- Download)
    Run boot usb live, use application gparted resize sda3 (ext4) partition.
    Create new partition type ntfs to storage music.
    Plug out USB boot and reboot.
  3. Boot to Volumio.
    Enter http://volumio.local/dev to enable ssh-connections
    Then you can connect via putty to volumio pc, using volumio/volumio as user/pass.
    Sudo blkid
    (you can find line:
    /dev/sda4: LABEL=“Music” UUID=“7E0A792229D4D1D3” TYPE=“ntfs” PTTYPE=“dos” PARTLABEL=“Music” PARTUUID=“3aa788f5-0cdb-4983-b945-b30007a64dc7”

Here is the partition information to mount)

Now, you create new folder to mout:

sudo mkdir /media/ssd

sudo chmod 6777 /media/ssd

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Edit fstab: insert new line (UUID=xxxx not " ")

UUID=7E0A792229D4D1D3 /media/ssd ntfs defaults 0 0
/dev/sda4 /media/ssd ntfs defaults 0 0

Now, Reboot Volumio PC. You can scan, update your library and play music in your local hdd.
You can copy, edit and delete data from windows computer via LAN.