Connect Bluetooth Remote

I’ve got a bluetooth remote I want to connect to volumio to control the volume and skip tracks/radio stations. But how is this possible? I tried it with the cli but it is not working (but hcitool scan shows the remote).
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A quick search did not result in any guides or plugins for this. I guess you will have to do it yourself.
Steps to take are 1) manually pair the remote control via CLI, 2) write a (Python) script that translates Bluetooth commands from the remote control to commands to the Volumio socket.

Should be quite doable I’d say, nice little tinkering. Maybe you want to update the guide here afterwards?

(**note: do not use apt-get update or upgrade if you need to install additional modules!)

I already Used apt Update and apt get. What Should i use instead?

From the docs:

If your system still works now, you might be safe. Just keep using it, and if you see unexpected behaviour you know it’s most likely caused by this. Only solution is a fresh install of Volumio then.

You don’t need an alternative so to say. It is not mandatory to do apt-get update & upgrade before installing packages, it’s more a common practice. You can install packages just fine without it.
And if needed, it’s always possible to update a specific package that you installed with apt-get update && apt-get upgrade .

For now, let us see some results with the bluetooth remote control :smiley:

Yes I’ll update when I see some results.