Connect Bluetooth headphones

There are several threads regarding Bluetooth connectivity, but nothing more recent than a similar query in October 2020. I want to do is pair my bluetooth headphones with Volumio running on my Pi 4. I’ve been comparing Volumio and Moode Audio - this is a standard capability in MoodeAudio, so I was surprised to see it missing from Volumio. I understand prioritisation of the work load, but wireless technologies are here to stay, and I think it makes sense to provide this functionality - even if it’s not strictly ‘audiophile’. It does seem someone has done a lot of the work, but I cannot find a recent update. The stumbling block seemed to be creating the function as a plugin.

Hoping for an update, as I think the Volumio UI is miles ahead of MoodeAudio.


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I think that Bluetooth support is available … but at an annual fee on the premium versions of Volumio.

you may want to have a look at my proposition described in my post here Is bluetooth speakers supported?
… to solve a similar need for Bluetooth support,


Thanks Robin.

It seems we both want to do the same thing. I know my RPi 4B can output audio over bluetooth to my headphones, because I’ve used MoodeAudio. I think the setup will require a level of technical expertise to integrate with Volumio. I think you’d need to be able to use the UI to connect/manage the bluetooth service , and then to switch output from local (I have a DAC sat on my Pi) to bluetooth.

I’ll watch your thread with interest.