Configuring VPN For 'Web Radio' in Volumio


I recently set up Volumio on my Raspberry Pi 4 and so far, I am very impressed. I have a question about Web Radio and a possible VPN solution. Under Web Radio, Favorite Radios, I currently have 2 streams - one stream I manually added via URL and the other stream was added ‘By Country’ and so far so good.

Now, I want to added 2 more URL radio streams that require VPN access. On my Android tablet or Windows PC, I am able to open my VPN client (OpenVPN), connect to that country, and I can play the web stream perfectly.

Is there any possible way to use a VPN in Volumio, in particular to automate / task in Volumio so that if I want to play either of these 2 new URL web streams, that I can use my VPN connection (using OpenVPN or other) for it? I ‘only’ need the VPN for these 2 web streams, but all other streams must not use the VPN.

Thanks in advance!