Configure autoplay playlist / webradio on startup


there are a couple of mentions of this in the forum but it without a real solution…

There should be a configuration on what to play after booting, so either a playlist or a webradio station or auto-play the remaining queue.

Maybe you could set this in the libary’s context menu on the corresponding item (“Play on startup”).

Along with this goes a startup volume setting so it doesnt blow the roof off after booting just because it was loud the last time.


Yep, we already have a startup volume setting, but the play on startup is sensible. Could you please open a ticket on github?

PS: Thanks for all your suggestions! They are clever and useful!

Sure, github issue is here:

I’ve probably mentioned this before, but when installed in a car the need to resume playing the same playlist and track on bootup is a pretty essentual feature. I also like the idea of a boot up volume setting when this resume feature is enabled.