config.txt overwritten on each system update

The system updates overwrite the boot/config.txt file.
So the settings of my hdmi 7 inch screen (waveshare) are lost and I have to change config.txt again.

Could the update procedure be changed to solve this?

Thank you

I second this

There is no simple way to retain the changes in a customized config.txt to allow a safe reboot after an update as Volumio uses it to store its own runtime changes.
The only reasonable thing we could do (not omplemented yet and still needs approval) is to copy to original config.txt away to something like config.saved or config.backup, so tinkers could redo their changes more easily.

or config.txt is used only by standard Volumio system, and any additional user configuration is read from an optional 2nd file say user_config.txt? Volumio is free to overwrite config.txt but will preserve user_config.txt.

There is already an “include” option for the config.txt ( The content of the file specified will then be inserted into the config.txt. This of course would require Volumio incorporating the “include” option into the default config.txt file.

In order to ensure a safe reboot after an update the include option could be commented out at the first boot. On the dev page of the webinterface a switch could be added to activate (uncomment) the include option in the config.txt file.


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Yeah, I think it would be a win-win situation: Safe reboot after update for Volumio. And the user does not have to put his additions back into config.txt after every update. As a side effect the user has to decide consciously to reactivate the additional config options. :wink:

Edit: Just commented on the issue on github:

Pull request #368 has been merged with the changes Volumio had suggested. So with the next version the problem should be solved by using /boot/userconfig.txt. :slight_smile:

Thanks gvolt for that !
Now comes the boring part: documenting it :wink: Would you like to add it to documentation? Just do a pr to:

If you can’t, just feel free to send me the text and I’ll add it.


Done: :slight_smile:

Let me know if it should be extended by more technical details.