Compute Module 4 – Raspberry Pi

Someone tryed it ?
It will compatible whit volumio standar kernel for rasberry ?

I am going to try it, as soon as it will arrive from China.

I have already some ideas for a super-slim Volumio player, to be connected in the back of a Touchscreen

Did you try it?
I have installed but I have two different issues:

  • The reboots are no so smooth as they should be, sometimes I have to unplug and plug again several times until boots.
  • the UBS audio output is wrong, I’m writing dtoverlay=dwc2,dr_mode=host in the /boot/config.txt and then the USB appears in the lsusb -t list, but then if I choose USB as audio device, then the sound is completely awful.
    I understand that if I could set the xhci_hcd driver instead of the dwc2 I will have a good sound, like in the Raspberry Pi 4, but I cannot do it, or maybe I don’t know how to do it. I have added the line otg-mode=1 but with this I have the driver but not audio devices below the USB port.
    Do you have any ideas?

I am using the CM4 since a few weeks, no problems for me, it runs as good as the RPi4 on my side

I am using a HAT connected to the 40pin GPIO for audio playback, I didn’t try any USB DAC

I forgot to mention… I’m running the Buster Beta, with kernel 5.4.x

How long does Volumio take to boot on the CM4 compared to the RPi4?

I didn’t do any measurement of the boot time, but CM4 with EMMC seems to be faster compared to RPi4