Composer & work tags (again)

Greetings Volumio devs. A search tells me this has been discussed / requested for the past decade or so … would implementing composer, work, and performer tags (and other similar?) be that onerous of an undertaking? Or has it simply never risen high enough on the priority list?

Thank you!

That one…

Aside from creating more time in the day for you, is there any way a non-coder can help with that?

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Only thing is to detail as much as possible what you would like to see and how it should work.

This helps at least with the design phase. Then it’s up to devs

@volumio, by any chance, has the composer tag been recently included in search? I’m on 3.601 and while searching “Schubert” just now, a couple tracks from a compilation disc were included in the results that only have that string in the composer field (not even in the file name).

Hi Eduardo, including it in the search should be quite trival. If there are no downsides will do that on next release

I was wondering if it already is included, based on what I saw in my search results today. It’s certainly possible it’s functioned that way all along and I just never noticed, but I don’t think that’s the case.

This is a sort of aside from my previous request for composer & work navigation capability.

Greetings @volumio. I added new files to my library yesterday and played around with the composer tag as a test. I replaced the composer tag on one album with a nonsense string so it would stand out in results.

I then searched for that string in the web UI and the correct files were returned, which tells me the composer tag is already being indexed.

Would it be simple enough to add “composer” to the sources visibility options? And what about adding this info in the tag display on any particular albums & tracks?

These would be a great first step to managing classical music in volumio but, overall, would not fully tackle the complexity of the task. For perspective, Apple decided to develop a standalone music app specifically for classical rather than try to unravel the messy interconnectedness of composers/works/artists/performances. They are obviously selling a streaming service (which is not what I’m referring to here), but they needed the interface to allow sane navigation.

Thank you.