Complete Player with on/off switch


I am looking for a complete volumio player to buy. However, it is important for me to have an on/off switch to turn the player on only when needed and shut it down gracefully after use.
I can see the NanoSound Player 2 has this functionality. Do the Volumio Touch and the Allo BOSS Player also feature such an on/off switch? If not: Can you point me to instructrions on how I could add this myself?

Thanks very much in advance!

I added a on/off switch to my design, is this something you’re looking for?

I’m going to put them on sale soon!

Hy Darmur

Congratulations, a very nice option for a second system in my house.

I’ll be waiting for it!

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Dear Darmur, thanks very much for your reply!
Does the on/off only control the DAC or also the raspberry Pi? If yes, I think that is what I am looking for, except that I would have preferred to buy a “complete” kit with DAC connected to rPi. Maybe it’s time I am getting into these things properly :wink:

the on/off switch will apply or disconnect power to both RPi and DAC.

I made a few HATs for Raspberry Pi with this ON/OFF switch, the one mentioned before has an amplifier, I made another one with DAC, to be connected to an external amplifier.

If you are interested please contact me with a private message, I just received a new batch of the final version (I can provide a full kit too, even with DSI touchscreen if you like)

ok, will do!
Just to complete the original question: Is my understanding correct that among all the offerings in the Volumio Shop the only device with an ON/OFF switch is the NanoSound Player 2?