Compiling modules

hi all,
I’m a newcomer for raspberry pi.
To day I get my brand new pi, and immediately installed volumio.
I have also a wifi dongle TL WN725N which is not working on volumio.
So I installed a NOOBS raspberry (debian). Then following … 82#p462982 I successfully configured the wifi.

The release used is
3.6.11+ #538, #541, #545, #551, #557 - 8188eu-20130830.tar.gz

So I reinstalled volumio e and I tried to build the module by myself but the version is
Where is the source code and the heaers to compile the modules from scratch ? Can I ass them to apt source and make a clean install.
My idea was to provide those modules for volumio but I can’t.
So if you can provide my some help, I can build the driver for you and maybe we can include them directly into the distro.
Otherwise I will try to use the noobs installation with xbmc.

BTW I like very much the interface, the design and the main idea, because I was to controll my hifi easily form my phone/tablet.

PS: I’m italian.


Hello, I am having the exact problem with TL WN725N v2 of the wifi dongle.

The challenge is getting our hands on the 3.8.x kernel header such that we can compile the driver source against it. In fact I have been struggling with it since RaspyFi days.

Please help us by guiding what we need to do to compile our own modules for Volumio distro, OR adopt the distro to use newer kenels?


I’m cooking a 3.10.24 kernel image and modules for our wifi dongle.
Once I’ll finished I’ll post them online so you can try them.

make sense ?

It definetely makes sense! It is a great helping hand!

The kernel is this: … ry-pi.html

So you’ll find the source here: \rpi-3.8.y-asocdev:refs/remotes/origin/rpi-3.8.y-asocdev

and clone with

git fetch git:// \rpi-3.8.y-asocdev:refs/remotes/origin/rpi-3.8.y-asocdev git checkout rpi-3.8.y-asocdev

It would be very useful to have as much wi-fi modules enabled, and also the Hiface 1 support:

Let me know if you need more help!

FYI I just finished to pack the kernel 3.10.24, modules and rtl8188eu

unfortunately I’m at work, you must wait till I’ll arrive home :slight_smile:

Once the wifi will work, I’ll have a look at the other module.

Would be nice to have a kernel section with all available kernel and modules.

Yep! I was thinking the same!
I’ll set it up!!!

hi guys,

Just got this wifi dongle as well, any luck with the modules and care to share :smiley: