Compatibilty Nuc10i3

I want to buy a NUC10i3 4gb ram, with ssd schijf. Will this work with volumio? I read a lot of troubles with older NUCs.

My recommendation to hold on until Volumio 3.x is out.
Current Volumio 2.x version is almost certainly not going to work with NUC10i, at least the wired and wireless network interfaces won’t work.

Do we agree that posting your compatibility issues in various places probably won’t get you a solution any faster?

Yes, there are problems, also with NUCs, just give us time to fix it.
And also, if tomorrow we have a NUC11 or 12, running with Windows, I cannot guarantee that it will work with Linux. Compatibility issues will always be there, we can’t offer more than what linux kernels and firmware give us.

yes agree, the laptop config was just for testing volumio. Or it will be give me more bas in my headphones and it does (how it works I do not know but it works). Volumio give in this conifg a better sound. So that is why I am buying a NUC, to have a network audiophile device.

I tried the Nuc10. We need volumio 3.0 for running nucs. On the 2.0 version there is no network interface. It is there on 3.0 both wifi and wired. So I will wait for the offical beta’s now. Luckly we can test a device from usb stick without migrating to ssd. So that is running a other system till it is save to migrate to ssd. I did buy a virtuose year abo to support devolpement Volumio.

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