compatibility of P1F1digi+

Hello guys,
Im struggling to find out the way to use a P1F1dac card.
I tried all was possible to be tested, but the card I have now in my Raspberry pi is unresponsive after the intallation.

I’m spending a lot of time trying the way to have this sorted.
there is anyone that has the same issue I’, experiencing?
Thanks in advance for any suggestion


I have had version 1.0 of that card for some time. Works with Volumeio and several other programs. No notable difficulties, that I can remember.

I’m using the pifi digi+ I2S DAC with a raspberry pi 3b+ without any problem.

I’ll attach you the right settings. (cause the pifi is a copy of the hifiberry digi) I’m using the coaxial connection with my aplifier