Committing node_modules into volumio-plugins repo?

Hey Volumio Developer,
I’d like to hear your opinion on whether plugins should check their node_modules folder into the volumio-plugins repository.

Opinions are divided on the Internet, but most sources I have found suggest not checking in the folder and committing package-lock.json instead.

Some plugins in the repository have already checked in the node_modules folder. This means that the volumio-plugins repository is already 270 MB in size. Cloning the whole repository on the Raspberry Pi takes more than 30 minutes for me. Changing a branch also takes quite a long time.

In my opinion it would be a better way to just check in the plugin source code and run an npm install from

What’s your opinion on this?

Greetings, André

There is also a discussion about this in a pull request open by GitHub user ashthespy.

Hi André, yes, the node_modules should not be committed to the repo… We tried to enforce that but that was not always respected.