Command to refresh the plugin setting page

Hello folks,

there is a way to trigger a reload of the plugin setting page so that the getUIConfig function is executed again and the UI updates itself?

At the moment I have to reload the plugin setting page manually to update it.

Greetings, André

Hi André, yes, you could do something like we do here: … ex.js#L430

See the part where we do:

var respconfig = self.commandRouter.getUIConfigOnPlugin('audio_interface', 'alsa_controller', {});

        self.commandRouter.broadcastMessage('pushUiConfig', config);

Hey michelangelo,

Thanks for your answer. I’ ve tested that. It works perfectly.

Greetings, André

I note that after refreshing through “pushUIConfig”, elements no longer abide by the “visibleIf” property.

For e.g., in “Playback Options”, the Bit-depth / Resampling rate and Quality fields will show or hide depending on the on/off state of the Audio Resampling switch. However, if you change Mixer type to a different value (say “Hardware” to “Software”) and click Save, then after page refresh the visibility of these fields will remain the same regardless of the state of the Audio Resampling switch.