Combining two different songs to add "vinyl clicks"

Hi there

Kind of new to Volumio but have a specific thing I would like to do.

I have an old school funnel gramophone and I would like to add a speaker in the funnel and power that with Volumio. I would also like to add some old school hiss and clicks to the songs. My solution would be to have a “song” with clicks and hiss on it and combine that with the songs I play from Spotify or other services.

Is this possible to do?

Any other ways to do this?

Hi Jellax,

Funny idea :joy:
This could be easily done in hardware. Add a second volumio device that is playing the noise and crackles and mix the 2 output signals before going into the analog amplifier, but i guess you dont want to afford an extra device for that, right ?

I did find a really cheap mp3 player that can just play the clicks, but I still need a mixer.
If I could manage it all in Volumio it would be great.
Maybe even a toggle to manage the amount of click and hiss :slightly_smiling_face:

One simple option: premix the music with the pop and clicks and even add vinyl distortion for that vintage grammophone sound. Once the noise and distortion is baked in, it’s easy. This doesn’t work well with constantly changing sources though, just a static library.

If you want it added dynamically, that should be easy enough to do as a Volumio plug-in, but you would need to find someone interested in building and maintaining it. A simple 5 to 10-minute loop of clicks and pops should be enough to avoid noticeable repetition of certain clicks. This also enables the adding of distortion, EQ, etc.

Finally, there is Josh’s solution - simply mix two sources at the amp input stage - a looping MP3 of pops and clicks from a cheap MP3 player could do the trick though the frequency response might sound too ‘modern’ without EQ.

Anyone up for the task?
Let’s call it Instagramophone, for the old style of sound :joy: