[colltected] RSS-parser in Web-UI to access to audio podcast

[ I had a similar post first under help, but I concluded that this would rather be a new feature suggestion and moved it here]

I would love to access audio podcasts through my volumio system. In fact, this feature is a last crucial issue which doesn’t let me replace my squeezebox by a set of volumio systems. I did a small search in the forum and found here: the-library-doesn-auto-update-anyway-cron-t2017.html a solution where a user automatically downloads all podcasts to a NAS and then updates the library on the pi. I don’t think this is practiable for everyone.

My dream solution would be another folder under the “Browse” section in the WebUI aside of “Webradio”, “USB” and the like for Podcast. Couldn’t just an RSS parser do the job? I did a small search and found this one: packages.debian.org/de/squeeze/ … ibxml-perl
but it requires perl. Would that be available in the volumio distro? And how could that be accessed through the WebUI?
Sorry, I am really blank in terms of Linux knowledge, so maybe this is very difficult, or already implemented in a much easier form.

I second the podcast feature request.

and I praise the nickname: lebochequirit is about the greatest nickname a frog-eating kraut could pick. :laughing:

+1 Podcasts would make me happy

Yeah, a podcast feature would be great. Evening if it just adding a podcast url, as opposed to having a way to search them. So being able to add them by rss or something.

A Podcast-Browser really would be fine.