[collected] Volume control protection


I have a small feature request (and a big one, but that is less important :slight_smile:).

Can we have a protection on the volume control? Because of the wheel, if you click incorrectly or if you don’t know how it works you can go from zero to a hunderd real quick. (sorry).

so this happened to me, with a headphone, with tinnitus :frowning:

so maybe it the wheel turns slowly to the target volume ?

Oh and my big request, I think people already asked this : Can I use my Spotify phone client to choose songs? Just like a phone spotify client can do with pc spotify client. ( you can choose where to play the songs.

thanks guys, I love where volume is going!

nearly the same suggested feature :smiley: :


well, get on it then :slight_smile:

I know volumio support Spotify, but I would love to control it with my Spotify phone app (like you can do from spotify client to second spotify client).

AFAIK spotify don’t allow third-party integration with their apps.

So, you can pull from, but not push to.

But I could be wrong - I very often am.