[collected] Support for Google All Access

Hi everybody

First to the developers: keep up the great work!

A suggestion for a future feature for Volumio: support for Google Music / All Access (Googles streaming music service).
I can see that Spotify and other streaming music services are being discussed, so I would just like to point a bit of attention to Googles music service.

Some work has already been done that should ease an eventual development of support in Volumio:

GMusicProoxy: gmusicproxy.net/

Unofficial Google Music API: github.com/simon-weber/Unoffici … -Music-API

Unfortunately I’m not a programmer myself, so I’m not to much use on the actual development, but drop me a line if there is other things I can do for this project.


Rasmus W






I currently use AirAudio to stream All Access from my Android phone to the dlna renderer in Volumio (which is a great new feature).

Unfortunately there are some downsides to this:

  • Lots and lots of stuttering, probably caused by a combination of factors, including bandwidth, phone performance and the AirAudio app itself.
  • The upmpdcli/mpd combination in Volumio does not seem to support (L)PCM audio format (see problem-playing-audio-l16-streams-via-upnp-dlna-t1423.html). It only works when I select mp3 format in AirAudio, but is extremely CPU-battery heavy (more stuttering).

In the ideal world I would use an app like Mpdroid (Android, luckily open source) that allows me to select and play both songs from my Volumio library, as well as songs from Google Music All Access.

How neat would that be? :slight_smile:

I just found out the Airplay function in the AirAudio app is working pretty good with Volumio, much better than the DLNA function.

I haven’t had any luck getting the airplay functionality working. Apparently Pi MusicBox supports Google All Access, so I’ll give that a whirl. Hopefully this feature comes to volumio soon :slight_smile:

It something we’re starting to look into. :wink:

Everbody is doing request for all kinds of music services. Most of them are already avaiable as an extension for Mopidy (see Pi MusicBox)
Isn’t much easier to step over from MPD to Mopidy?


Awesome feature…

Looking forward to it…

although Mopidy stores the google password without any encryption… would be possible to have a fix for that ? Google is great on grouping access together, but if you need to share your password for one of the services, you can’t do it without compromising your e-mail and all other services google related.