[collected] Support for Banana Pro

For less than 55 euro the Banana Pro offers:
ARM® Cortex™-A7 Dual-Core1GHz
802.11n wifi
SATA connector

See: banana-pro-any-experiences-t2367.html

So, this is a great value board which (on paper) looks like an ideal candidate for audiophile solutions, IMHO.
Therefore: kind request to have Volumio developed for it.

Good idea, I’ll take a look at it


Any news on this?
I see in different threads that quite some people are looking forward to this…

See here : creating-banana-image-t1561-10.html#p14164

Willing to port it, if someone has their contact please send it to me via PM

Is this still an option and is lack of hardware still the bottleneck?

and make sure to use a newer kernel, 3.4.111 won’t do because of missing overlayfs.
You need at least 3.14 (requires backporting), or 3.18 (first official to support it) or a stable mainline.

I could donate a Banana Pro, if necessary.