[collected] Small Improvement Suggestion:On making playlists

Now that I have Volumio reading my NAS it’s great to make a playlist of my favourite albums.
When I’m in a large folder, I’m clicking on albums and selecting “Add to playlist”

When I do this, it adds it but seems to trigger the page to scroll back to the top of the folder listing, which makes me lose track of where I was.
Could this be changed to it doesn’t move?

I’m loving Volumio now that I have me NAS mounted :slight_smile: thanks guys


I have to agree; the constant scrolling required is tedious. It’s the only thing about this system that’s bad.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there WAS a choice in the Actions button of the USB line on the Browse page in RaspyFi that let you add the entire contents of a USB drive to the playlist all in one go. It’s missing in Volumio and I’d love to see it return. I have a 32 gb USB drive with my music collection and it’s my preference to “shuffle all songs,” to use the iTunes terminology. I just want it to randomly serve up my music without having to build a playiist, one album at a time. I have hundreds of albums (all legal, for the police out there) and the extensive clicking necessary to do this is maddening.

I was able to add all of my songs to the playlist with the sound@home app for android.
Under Database, the Add to Playlist, Play and Add to Playlist, and Update buttons are present next to USB.
Pressing Play and Add to Playlist (the second button) seems to have worked for me as my playlist now lists all my songs. I do hope that helps as I found the problem frustrating myself.