[collected] Sleep timer

Would be great if Volumnio could have a sleep timer to stop music playing after a set time, also be great to choose whether to keep device powered up or shut it down:

eg: 5,15,30, 90, 120 min sleep - either stop or shutdown

Thanks for all the great work,

This would be quite easy to implement using standard functions:

echo “mpc stop” | at now + XX minutes
echo “poweroff” | at now + XX minutes

To cancel the scheduled stop or shutdown:
atrm atq | cut -f 1

Related to this, I wonder if it would be possible to have the Raspberry Pi turn on and off on a scheduled timer (so that it can remain off or in a low-power mode when everyone in the house is at work / school, in the middle of the night, etc.)

I’d like to second this feature for the WebGUI. I know that its doable via the command line, but I don’t exactly want to get out of bed, log in and start typing terminal commands.

As a secondary suggestion, how about a scheduler? Wake to music at a give time? Have it play and pause at a given time? That would really add some user functionality to volumio.


Take a look a this post:


Just my vote for a sleep timer as well! This seems like it shouldn’t be too hard to implement, I just have no idea how to port the idea into php.