[collected] Saving all configuration information

Volumio appears to keep configuration information persistant across boots, which is wonderful. But obviously if the memory card has to be replaced, any prior configuration information will be lost. So having some kind of option to store current configuration, and then restore configuration setting from that would be excellent. Ideally such a function would be available from the web interface - easier for the non-technical. But the abilty to restore using SSH would work. And worse case - even if it could not be restored - just the ability to save all configuration settings to a human readable file would provide the ability to manually put everything back exactly the way it was pretty quickly.

While I’m sure this list will grow/change as Volumio evolves, for now the list of information that can be saved/restored would include:

Library -> NAS Mounts -> Source name
-> Fileshare protocol
-> IP address
-> Remote directory
-> Username
-> Password

Playback -> Audio output
-> Mixer type
-> Gapless mp3 playback
-> DSD Support
-> Volume normalization
-> Audio buffer size
-> Buffer before play
-> Auto update
-> Audio output format (resampling)
-> Sample rate converter

Network -> DHCP
-> Wifi SSID
-> Wifi Security
-> Wifi password

System -> Kernel profile
-> CMedia fix

Main -> Volume

Great product so far. Thanks for listening to suggestions to make it even better. :smiley:

…in the meantime you could do a backup of your SD.
This covers your needs and saves all the settings, etc.

If you are using a mac you could use
tweaking4all.com/hardware/ra … -pi-baker/

for other systems see this website:

Thanks for the suggestin kali1705. But if implemented, this should not just be for Rasberry Pi’s, but for all platforms. In fact, I don’t have a Pi. However, the plaftorm question is really missing the point…

I’m requesting the ability to restore all user configurable settings across boots - regardless of the other details, like platform or Volumio version. Granted, a copy of your bootable memory card - as you are suggesting - is a good option. But ONLY if you are booting into the same exact version of the Volumio code, for the same hardware. But when there is an upgrade, a copy of your old settings does very little good - other than having something you can boot to, then write down all your own settings.

No, the idea is to be able to electronically save user configurable settings that can be used to restore those settings in a new install. Be that new install a different platform (like moving from Pi to Cubox) or a new version (lets assume an upgrade) of Volumio itself.

Thanks for the suggestion though. :slight_smile:

are we there yet?

Just checking when something like this will be made available. Also, I would like to know the paths of these items as I would like to run this in Docker and have those paths be on the host. Thanks.