[collected] Remove WebRadio

Hey with Volumio 1.5 (great work by the way) it is possible to add a webradio. Could modify the plus-button to an option button where you could “add” or “remove” (and maybe “modify”) a web radio?

with kind regards

Good suggestion!

has there been any work on this? I would love to edit and remove some of the webradio’s. :slight_smile:

thanks! and keep up the great work!

May be have options to hide radio menu?

… I simply add (copypaste) the .pls & .m3u files to a “Web radio” folder using explorer on PC or in ES-explorer on my Android tablet :slight_smile:)))))

Hi, I confirm beeing also interested in that feature : remove / modify webradios from the excellent Web UI. Shouldn’t be a big deal to complete ?
In general, congratulations for the great work ! Stéphane PS : I am not understanding what solaar1974 means ?