[collected] Preloading song lists

I have large libraries of music, both on my NAS and on my Spotify account. I have noticed that Volumio can become quite unresponsive each time I click on one of the music sources in Browse view (Don’t even mention the Library view). This is specially true when I click each of these for the first time in a listening session.

I wonder what generates this unresponsiveness, and also whether preloading song lists after startup can be a solution to the delay issue.

Originally I suspected memory problems because of the sheer size of my libraries. But then I checked and noticed that Volumio barely uses 200MB of memory (out of 500 on my bbb).

I’m interested in hearing your ideas about the issue, and also on a possible implementation of a preloading/buffering function. I know some coding and maybe I can have a look at it one of these days.