[collected] Playlist features

First time user, and I love how easy Volumio is to use. I do have a couple of suggestions for the playlist section.

First, a button/command to clear the playlist would be useful. right now trying to “x” 50+ songs gets a little tiresome (either that or add and replace a single song, and then delete that one).

Second, the ability to save playlists would be awesome for those of us who have several people using the system.


YES, those features would I also like to see, since we will also be more people using this system, when it get up running a but more stable.

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+1 on a single click funtion to clear the current playlist.


+1 !!! for the suggestion of saving multiple playlists.

This product is only a novelty for me without that. It’s great to say… “Hey, listen to how good this track sounds”. But what I really want is to be able to start a favorite playlist, be it one that my wife loves, or is good party music, or is good music for romantic dining, or whatever. The point is, pre-defined playlists that can be called up and played on a moment’s notice is IMO an ESSENTIAL feature of any audio media jukebox.