[collected] password dor web ui

i search but i didn’t find anything.
it’s possible to put a password for the web interface of my volumio?
if anybody find the ip with a scan of local wireless and try to access there is no restriction.

PS sorry i wrong the title of the post and don’t know how fix it

I think it would be an interesting feature to add!

For the time being if you don’t fear modifying the web server configuration, you can do it directly through its config file, this is well explained here : nginxlibrary.com/password-protect-a-directory/

I just tried it, it works perfectly.

Hi, i found the request for a password and have some additional ideas.

I would find it good that just the settingsicon in the right upper corner that the kids cannot change important settings.

I think this must ber relativley easy to implement in the webinterface to setup a password in the system settings and if activated pop up a dialog when clicked on the settings icon which asks for the password.

There should be the possibility to set Passwords in the web-interface.
here i have a network of eight families. Every (acessible) device must be sure.
Actual volumio is in a net-section the others dies not see, but this is not the best option…