[collected] Multiroom support in webgui

Hi !

it would be nice to have multiroom feature and support like in app sound@home

Thanks for your great job

Agreed, even without the ability to synchronise audio this would be a great feature.

Multirrom would be nice. I have a spdif matrix switch and simple rs232 commands would allow multiroom capability. Syncronization is not a problem that must be dealed by volumio…

Yes multi room would be great from same UK rather than changing ip’s in the browser.

+1 :smiley:

I thought Multiroom in Volumio 2 meant synchronised sound between rooms, but apparently not.

But not a big problem, Snapcast is included in the image!

I have created two simple startup scripts to have server and client running at boot. No GUI yet though.


It would be great to have snapcast integrated as a separate DNLA renderer. i.e. to send audio to all devices or to send to them individually. There are times when having all synced is beneficial and times when having them operate independently is beneficial.

If SNAPCAST server and client will be added to VOLUMIO with an GUI support to switch between individual and synced would be absolutely great!

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