[collected] MPD update

Not sure where to put this thread.

As I am sure many might know Debian (wheezy) is still stuck at version 0.16 of MPD.

Currently Volumio uses Debian (Jessie) which has version 0.19.1 of MPD.

Does Volumio have a plan in place to insure it won’t be stuck at version 0.19.1 for the foreseeable future?

Currently MPD is at version 0.19.7.

Maybe its no big deal either way…just throwing something on the table. Granted it only took a few months to go from 0.19.1 to 0.19.7 but do we know “Jessie” will include newer versions of MPD in its repository?

To me this is important since I get this message.

an 25 19:22 : mad: mp3 file header indicates too many frames: 173709565
Jan 25 19:22 : mad: input/Input does not appear to be a mp3 bit stream
Jan 25 19:22 : ffmpeg/mp3: Estimating duration from bitrate, this may be inaccurate
Jan 25 19:22 : client: [322] opened from
Jan 25 19:22 : player: played “http://lyd.nrk.no/nrk_radio_p2_mp3_h

Problem is solved on mpd version 019.2

google.no/url?sa=t&rct=j&q= … 9003,d.d2s

So hopefully the “Jessie” will include newer versions of MPD in its repository in the near feature :wink: