[collected] Many Features

Hi there, first of all, thanks for all the hard work, and for Volumio!
I’m really loving it and using it a lot, and there are some suggestions i would like to make.

Is it possible, in the future, to add a “Clear entire playlist” option to the Playlist tab? I know you can select “add and replace”, which clears the previous playlist, but when i have to stop listening an album in the middle of it, and i’m not going to hear something else, i would love to clear the playlist without having to remove each song individually.

Another suggestion, would be the inclusion of the track number before the song title when you’re in the “Browse” tab.

It would also be great to tell Volumio to play songs from the database randomly (maybe a “play random” button next to the play one). You could just set the number of songs to pick, or, even better, to play random songs indefinitely.

Also, album art in the Playback tab would be awesome, but not essential.

Again, thank you for your excellent work!