[collected] Infrared Remote Control

I would like to control volumio with an IR Remote control.
I use a Hama USB-IR Receiver.
It would be great if IR-Control would be added to volumio.
Stop/Play/Next/Prev/Volume control would be sufficient.

Thank you very much for your great Project!

It should be great to use its with Volumio !
Some devices are < 5$ cost

Raspberry Pi Infrared Remote Control IR Receiver Module DIY Kit HX1838

I’m also thinking about buying a remote. I don’t know how it’s programmable, is it easy to bind buttons to shell commands? If yes, you could use MPC which is the command-line client that comes with MPD and is used in Volumio : see man page linux.die.net/man/1/mpc

=> mpc play / pause / next / prev, or even more complicated features…

Check this out

For anyone arriving here from Google, there’s an IR remote plugin now remote-controller-feedback-thread-t6668-10.html