[collected] I don't like SOCIAL SHARING...

(and i don’t want to see the buttons) …how can i disable this feature?

I would like these buttons to be removable. Possibly move them to the credits page.


yeah please make it vanish… at least add an option: to remove them.

thx Christoph


my post is now moved to “Suggest a feature”? I don’t want suggest a feature. I postet it originaly in “Help”, because i need just a hint, wich files i have to edit. So please help me!




Considering how many people seems to be interested in disabling it, I think it’s a good feature that need to be implemented.
For the time being as a workaround, you can edit html to remove these links. See /var/www/templates/indextpl.html , there’s a div class=“social”
github.com/volumio/Volumio-WebU … l.html#L11 I guess if you remove it and restart the web server, you’ll have what you want.

But you must know that if you modify the code, you may have to revert your modification later so that you can benefit from updates. It’s kind of experimental

Hi Jotak,

Thank You! That should work…

And yes, i also think, it is a good idea to implement this for the next releases.



Okay here is the thing how you could use the social media buttons without sending your private data.

Unfortunately the article is in german (no problem form as i am from austria). http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/Shariff-Social-Media-Buttons-mit-Datenschutz-2467514.html.
It is open source and can be found at (english!) https://github.com/heiseonline/shariff.

Hope to see it in Volumio1.5x


I wonder more WHY they appeared in the first place. What is the point?

Nice one! TY!

Cause I like this function, and think this could help spreading Volumio. There are quite some shares on twitter with this functions…

However will find a way to make em less intrusive, I give you right on that.

An option in the system settings to turn them on/off would be nice.

Don’t blow it up, please!

I feel volumio gets bigger and bigger. It’s charme is being compact and not overloaded with functions.