[collected] Easy upgrade and support.

I think it’ll be usefull for all of us to have a dependancy clean OS image of Volumio.

It’ll allow easier and better OS support of our beloved Volumio.

For exemple :
Driver support for RF remote controller (A sound system without RF remote in 2015 8^(…)
Python update support
Hardware support, Wifi dongle support
Raspian patch

In less word : apt-get upgrade must not break volumio anymore.

Once again BRA-VO to the Volumio TEAM for their product.

There is work being done to have this working in the next release.

This would be great!!!

Hope we see the release (or upgrade) soon.

Thanks in advance !!

I’m sure lots of us will be happy as there’s lot of possible extension to volumio thru hardware accessories. :mrgreen:

Before breaking my beloved Volumio devices, can you tell me if apt-get upgrade is trouble free with Volumio 1.55 please ?

I haven’t had the chance to test it but there shouldn’t be much changes in 1.5 and 1.55.

Apt-get update works on every version but apt-get upgrade breaks stuff Since it changes files that are critical for operation.

Support is planned for the next major release 1.55 is isn’t a major.