[collected] cubiebord and others


One question… is it planned to compile a volumio for cubieboard2?

Where can I configure nginx Webserver for cover art for mpd Clients like mpad.

I also would like to see Volumio ported on Cubieboard2. It is a powerful and cheap board which can be used to build authonomous audio systems.
Other than the usual interfaces (I/O, HDMI, LVDS, etc.) it has also a power controller chip on board that allows to switch on and off the board along with other electronic devices such as DACs, preamplifiers, etc.

I would like to see a cubieboard port of volumio. The board is cheap and powerfull and would be perfect for a music server.

Hope to see a port soon !

Cubietech was really kind with Volumio project… A cubieboard2 and a cubietruck are on their way to Florence! So you’ll have cubies supported very soon!


Any update on the cubieboard2/3 port? eagerly awaiting to test…

standing by…



Same here too. Can’t wait for a volumio port on cubietruck !:slight_smile: would be so great :smiley:

I think that better support for the current platform is more important than additional platforms that would require even more time to support everything.