[collected] Change the order in the playlist

Would it be possible to be able change the order of the songs in the playlist. Drag one further down etc. Or is this something that needs the ability to also save the playlist, since it is a change that needs to be saved? And being able to save playlists is of course something we all are waiting for.



Indeed, this features would be nice…
In fact, we don’t even need the drag and drop option, but maybe an option to “go to position” … and then it shifts the playlist down and insert that song in that specific position…

Being able to save would be very, very nice as well.



Yes we definitely need this. Could just add an option to the delete button. So that when you touch the x a dialog box comes up with the options delete and move. If you touch move it could ask for a position number.

good feature, makes developing a playlist for saving much simpler.

another suggestion for design: select the song, then an up/down arrow pair somewhere on the screen

I am a volumio user and I approve of this message! :bulb: