[collected] Add whole Album/Interpret/Genre to playlist


currently i can only add single songs to the playlist, It would be nice if there would be a add and play button for every album, Interpret or genre like it is there for every song. This would make it much easier/faster to add songs to the playlist. You wouldn’t have to add every single song of an album to the playlist.

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I can’t figure out if I am missing something, or if Volumio cannot play an album by clicking on the album. All I can get it to do is play single tracks, or click loads of songs individually to play them. A button beside the album to play the whole album would be good.

Call me a bit old fashioned but I tend to listen to albums in full. A ‘play album’ button would be superb and surely easy to implement.

Using Volumio 2, this feature is half-implemented: clicking on the 3 dots button, next to the album name, you have a menu, and you can add it to the queue.

But once you are into the album, you can only add single songs. I’d like to have a button with the same menu as when I click on the 3 dots button previously.


Is it considered to be more of an audiophile experience to listen to the songs in the intended order for an album?
Especially on some albums were the tracks overlap slightly.

The current ‘three dots’ method doesn’t work all the time, especially if Volumio hasn’t picked up the track order correctly (missing meta data?). I’d suggest playlist support. You navigate into an album folder and click a playlist file in m3u format.

To support a play button of the album folder, search within the folder for any playlist files, or fall back on adding all tracks in track order.

Playlist support has already been coded, github.com/SteveTalbot/Volumio2 … 3a24915a43
I’m currently using this fork successfully, and won’t be updating until this is supported in the release build.

When playing albums, it would be nice to see the track list on the main UI page. This would be my ideal main page for the web ui.