[collected] Add folder to favourites

It would be nice to be able to add a particular folder within your NAS directory to a favourites area so you can quickly access it.

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Wow, this has been in for ages and nothing done.

Given that any location in Volumio is a URL, it should be easy to ‘favourite’ any folder in a NAS or DNLA server. It is incredibly frustrating to have to navigate through folders each time I use Volumio. Granted other people might use playlists and themes, but for those of us who use folders and have a deep folder structure this would be very useful.

How do we get these suggestions highlighted?

And can anyone explain why adding folders to favourites has not been done?

Often wondered this too. I have to click through 4 folders to get to my music on my Nas or external drive when I should be able to just pin it as a favourite. I have no experience but I can’t imagine it would be very hard to implement.

Absolutely agree with you but there’s a roaring silence in this from devs or the community. Maybe there are few of us left that actually listen to Albums any more as opposed to randomised playlists.

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As work around you could add the desired folder as playlist. Then you don’t have them as favorite but as playlist.
You can do that on folder or album level.




Thanks, but Playlists only recognise tracks, and while I use them, I usually browse my collection by the folder structure I created for it, not track lists. Maybe I’m old-fshioned…

The folder structure is a mixture of high level genres and alphabetical. I use the Genre function too but my collection crosses 67 of them so I structure at a general level - rock, metal, folk, pop, classical etc.

The current ‘niggle’ is having to click 4 times to get to the top level (on USB), for every listening session.

What would be ideal (even better than Favourite Folders) would be to create our own top level custom ‘tiles’ which point at a specific folder (or any other collection type) on a local or remote volume or service.


I have been playing with Roon, and this has the Bookmark feature whereby you can bookmark pretty much anything. This is what I dearly wish Volumio had.

Volumio has lost out here, as I now use Roon and spent the money on that instead of Premium. Come on Volumio, do better!

So, I’m actually in the investigation phase here. I know I want to rip my CDs to files, and manage & stream them electronically. I haven’t actually bought the RPi or DAC I plan on using, until I see what software options are out there. (My fallback option is to just use Plex/Roku to play music files like I do video files, with no additional outlay on hardware.)

Should I be looking into Roon instead?

I rip CDs to FLAC on a PC.
On the RPi in the garagym I run Ropiee and use Roon for my flac library and Spotify for discovering new music.
On the Primo I do the same but via Volumio OS. Volumio can also provide the CD ripping if you pay for it (or buy Primo Mk2).

It all depends on what music library experience you want. If you are happy with a filesystem approach with limited sorting and bookmarking/playlisting and no ‘shuffle’ then Volumio is OK. If you want something slicker with more options and nicely integrated extras like lyrics and info then Roon. Best try them both first really.