Cloud sync on external drive

I’m going to set up volumio on my raspberry.
All my music is store on gdrive and
I would like to know if it’s possible to configure a sync between cloud and usb external drive plug on volumio.

There is no native integration for Google Drive, nor is there an app to do so.

But… that shouldn’t prevent you from setting it up if you have some Linux-skills.
Basically you want to treat your Google Drive as a normal (network) external storage, and sync to it periodically. For normal external drives that is easily set up with RSync. For cloud storage there is a specifically designed tool called RClone.

Maybe the mods can verify, but I think you should be able to install it parallel to Volumio and set it up to sync periodically (like every night). Be careful with apt update and upgrade though.

thanks i will try this way then

will install rclone on rapsberry, then sync between gdrive and the SSD


just to give some news :

i have installed Rclone as you suggested and configure sync with the external SSD Drive directly connected to the raspberry.
i have installed crontab and configure it to launch sync at reboot.

Everything is fine with about 2000 files sync from google drive (should work the same with other cloud provider)

Nice, good to see that it worked!

again, we i did volumio update.
my rclone configuration vanished.

Have you any clue what happenned ?

Yes, it was probably overwritten with the update. The updater only guarantees that Volumio settings are maintained, any manually added configuration might not be maintained.

Find out which part vanished. RClone is still installed. I guess that either the update deleted your RClone configuration from the user data folder, or it simply overwrote the crontab-file.
If it’s the first, place the configuration in a different folder to prevent this in the future. In the latter case you’d have to add the RClone to crontab after each update (or write a shell-script for that).

(For example, I have to set a USB setting after every update for my DAC to work fine. Bit annoying, yes, but this happens a few times per year ).

i noticed that the volumio user directory was not affected by the update, so i moved conf and script files to this directory.
Let’s see what happen :slight_smile: