[Closed] Volumio for Cubox-i has been released!

Olè! Another great platform is part of Volumio’s family!

This time we have the Cubox-i, the new Imx6 based produt from Solidrun. I must say that Volumio runs like a charm on it, just 20 seconds of boot time and plenty of smoothness with the Webui. The Cubox-i version has all the fixes and optimizations of 1.2, which you’ll see soon on the other platforms as well…
To see what are we talking about:

What now? New Pi release and Cubieboard and Cubietruck!

Enjoy! :wink:

Wow! this is the first I’ve heard of the Cubox. That’s one impressive little box!

Yes indeed! And good job and thanks for the commit!

Are you planning to incorporate the 1.2 fixes into the release for the original CuBox anytime soon?

I’m sure I found volumio 1.4 for cubox-i somewhere on here, I saw it was posted 19/06/2014. Can someone point me to it ?

I can’t find it now.


Scratch that, I should have looked in the obvious place !


Dear Volumio dev team

Can you give us a hint when the cubox-i 1.5 version should be available, that would be so great to have some news on that :slight_smile:

Thanks and congrats for your great work

Would love the same update, eagerly awaiting Cubox-i version of 1.5!!!

me too :slight_smile:


Me too :smiley:

Hi all!

I tried to get the volumio 1.5 image for cubox-i from sourceforge, but the folder for cubox-i is empty.

Did any one of you managed to download the image?


The reason is this: the release for cubox-i was ready for uploading (was actually uploading it).
Then I spotted a bug I’m still working on…

The bug actually affects spop (spotify damon), it’s not able to receive the correct output device. This means that until it’s not fixed it won’t be possible to use USB DACs with Cubox-i and other platforms.
I’m working around the clock to get it working. Hope I will solve it this weekend

Any chance of getting Volumio 2 on Cubox-i soon?

sorry, no work on Cubox has been done yet.
If you can offer any support for the build process (have a look at github.com/volumio/Build) then please reply or send me a PM.

Any chance of getting Volumio 2 on Cubox-i?

when you send me one :wink:

I’d be pleased to have Volumio 2 on my hummingboard too (I use the coax output). In the meantime, I’ve got a cubox-i2ex available. If you want I can send it to you.


@Gribouille you have a pm


I’m not allowed to send a pm but you can contact me with this mail landemer@yahoo.fr