Clock Plugin Request


i am building a really nice bath radio for my parents.

I use an original raspberry touchscreen.

Unfortunately i am completely new at raspberry pi programming.

I need somebody who can program a small plugin to show a small clock on the top bar.

Something like that:

If somebody can do that for me, i would be very glad about it.
I know, something like that is not obviously, but i am searching since october last year for something similiar…

Yeah somebody would say now, i should learn to program it myself, but i really don’t have the time and i think somebody can do that a lot faster and better.

No one learns to repair his car when it is broken, sometimes you have to ask an expert.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your help, kappa ^^

I would pay for it, if somebody can do that.

Hi all

I love volumio. I have 2 volumio’s in my house. Together with my 9 year old son I have also built a volumio clock out of Lego. He uses the clock for listening to music, but also to get up in the morning to go to school.
To make it a full clockradio I was wondering if there is any way to use the blank screen for displaying a clock? I was looking for the roadmap, but can’t find any. Is this an option that can be considered?

Thanks in advance! clock screensaver something? a big flip clock
@ashthespy is it possible to create a plugin from this?
could some one pick this up to create a plugin …


Sure, should be… But it is of no interest to me so don’t see my self spending time on it :slight_smile:

oke maybe some one could pick it up in the future …
( btw i got the basics of rmskin working incl. local… now refining the rmskin…)