Clipping Spotify Hifiberry

I am using a RaspberryPi 2 with Hifiberry Dac and a vintage Nakamichi Amplifier2 and Audio Physic Spark speakers. First I used Epos Es15 speakers. I enjoy this Volumio because it is top quality and no snobbish high-end audio shops involved.
Some months ago the Epos speakers started clipping while playing spotify: Elisa-Live, Jane Birkin, Arabesque. One of my 24 years old Epos died because I was to late to react to turn down the volume.
As replacement I bought second hand Audio Physic Spark speakers. Yesterday my son was playing another song on Spotify and it started again! clipping! Now I was quite fast turning down the volume. No damage.
I guess it is possible to prevent clipping some way in the Volumio settings. But these settings are very unclear to me. Can anyone point me out what to do? Thanks.
Kind regards,
Amstelveen, Netherlands

I’ve never heard of a player like a RPi driving speakers to clip without something being very wrong somewhere in the chain. I assume that the amp is good, so after too many times being caught out, can I suggest that you try a new SD card to run Volumio from? If I’ve jumped to the wrong conclusion, please ignore me, but the times I’ve racked my brains for really odd things happening on a RPi and it turns out to be the damn SD card…

Chris M