Clicking noise on all audio playback with rpi 3 b+ and M2tech hiface


I just migrated from an x86 build that was working well with my m2tech hiface (the original) to a pi 3 B+ based system using 2.806. Everything installed and worked fine, but playing back through the hiface, I get clicking sounds with the audio. Loud continuous clicks that are regular and fast. I’ve tried changing all the playback settings, but the only thing that changes with resampling is the frequency of the clicks (higher sampling rates = faster clicks. The buffer size has no impact. Any thoughts as to what might be causing this issue? I can hear the music, but obviously, this is un-listenable.


RPI <4 are known to have a bad usb output… Maybe the problem you are facing comes from that.

I certainly hope not, as I have no other means of connecting my dac setup to the pi.

It’s known that any R Pi below the model 4 shouldn’t use a USB connected DAC.
Given that your DAC is not a cheap one, I think buying a Raspberry Pi 4 would be your best way forward.

I own an M2Tech Hiface, and I also used it successfully with Windoze.

HOWEVER, I believe it requires use of windows driver, which of course you cannot install on RP! of any version.

And by the way, I use my RPI3 B+ USB output to feed both Centrance and other DACS that do not require drivers, and have no problem at all. No lag, no stuttering, sounds magnicent, much better than using the same DACS with PC USB feed.

The Hiface worked fine on the x86 build of volumio. So it does work on at least a flavor of Linux.

I use a minidsp nanodigi as a crossover and room correction module infront of a pair of Khadas tone boards. It’s been by far the best setup I’ve used to integrate my stereo subs with my magnepans. The usb to spdif is essential for that to work.

Just an update. Got an rpi 4 b+ w/ 4gb ram and it works perfectly with the hiface. Thanks for the suggestion. Now what to do with the pi3?

You can use RPi3 with a I2S DAC or AMP, there are plenty of options with very good quality