Cisco WiFi adapter not recognized

I just downloaded Volumio 1.55 for Raspberry Pi and installed on my model B+. I boot up the Pi with an Ethernet cable connected to my home network and with my Cisco AE1200 WiFi dongle connected to one of the USB ports. After the Pi boots, I can get to Volumio in my web browser. First thing I did was change the IP address from dynamic to static so that I know what IP address it has and can always log in. (I haven’t had much luck with volumio.local, but that’s not a big deal as long as I know the Pi’s IP address.) I reboot and make sure I can connect with the manually configured IP I assigned. Then I attempt to set up WiFi. After entering the network name and password and clicking Apply Changes, it seems as if the Pi is now using DHCP again. The IP address I assigned to the wired Ethernet connection no longer works and the DHCP address I used when first logging in does work again. When I connect with this address, under Wireless Connection on the Network Configuration page it says “No Wireless Interface Present.”

So, I have two questions. Why isn’t my static IP address remaining, and how can I get the WiFi adapter to work?